Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Been Out a Bit...

I apologize for having disappeared... After the launch of SHOOTING KABUL I took some down-time, hung out with family and took a breather. But having SK out has been awesome, fingers crossed the reviews have been great and some wonderful authors and Bloggers have been chatting about the book. Here are two posts that came out, one one Mitali Perkin's blog, Mitali's Fire Escape, and the other on Cynthia Leitich Smith's Blog, Cynstations


  1. Another great interview (I'd read the one on Cynsations) and I've ordered the book. I'm excited to read it and I'll be reviewing it on my blog, Middle School Book Reviews. Best of luck with it! BTW, I'm just across the bay from you, in Alameda. If you do any readings in the East Bay, let me know.

  2. MSR, thanks so much for following SHOOTING KABUL and considering it for review on your blog! I will be doing reading soon, in the east bay, and have a book launch in the fall. I will definitely let you know when that happens.