Friday, March 5, 2010

Guten Tag Deutschland!

In Germany books on travel and the great outdoors are most popular, but they also win the prize for the driest bestseller. In eighth place is the country’s Civil Code - The Telegraph Newspaper

SHOOTING KABUL will be available in Germany soon! Simon & Schuster sold German rights to Verlagsgruppe Random House after the Frankfurt Book Fair, this past October.

Once an author sells their book to a publisher (let's assume an American one, since we're here), there is the chance that the book may be sold in other, 'foreign' territories'. This can either be done by the agent, if the US publisher only acquired North American rights (granting them to publish in North America) or the publisher, if they acquired world rights. The publisher can then go sell the book to foreign publishers. There are two kinds of foreign rights sales: those where the acquirer will translate the work into another language and second where the foreign publisher will provide marketing and distribution for an English title.

The next big fair is in Bologna, Italy where the publishers, editors, agents and others are getting together to network and chat up all things literary. I'd just like to be there to eat the gelato - another foreign right sales would be nice to!

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